Politics and Faith 10-25-2016

Politics and Faith 10-25-2016

This morning while perusing comments of people posting on Facebook this post jumped out at me:

“When a person supports Hillary it has to raise questions of their allegiance, intelligence, dependence, character and most of all their FAITH.”

— Khrizzy Mayormanwell 2016

It is particularly apropos to me right now because I have been struggling with how Christians can support abortion of any kind. Let alone the practice of partial birth abortion. Many scriptures have flashed through my mind about judging others and how it is wrong. I also have been studying the history of man and his relationships with God from a Christian prospective  and it has become clear that whenever man is left to his own devices, he sinks to the lowest levels of morality. At the low points hedonism, hate, murder and general debauchery reign.

Other indications of this fall from grace are the treatment of women and children, idolatry, child sacrifice, male and female prostitution and more. A common factor is all of this is corrupt leadership. I read and see every day more facts about the corruption of Hillary and Bill Clinton. I have also read about Hillary’s plans to attach Catholics and Evangelical Christians. How she supports third trimester abortions. I honestly do not understand how a Christian can vote for Hillary Clinton.