I was born and raised in Southern, California while it was still a conservative part of the country. At that time, Southern California was the center of the military industry and my father was a career Navy man.

I lived near the beach when I grew up and spent countless hours in the ocean waters surfing, fishing, free diving and sailing. This gave me an appreciation for the environment.

I am a Vietnam Veteran and honorably served in the U.S. Navy. I have been under enemy fire and have lost friends.

I was trained as an electronic technician in the Navy. After the Navy I used my training and went to work in the computer industry in Silicon Valley in 1967. I worked my way up the organization until I was Director of Technical Support with international responsibilities for a very large multi-billion dollar corporation. Along the way, I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Financial Accounting and an MBA. Later in my career I managed System development and worked as a project manager for international projects. I have traveled extensively both domestically and internationally.

My current status is; semi-retired.

Since the goal of this particular blog is to express my political views and opinions I would like to give some quick highlights of my political views and positions.

  • I am a Christian and believe God created everything. I am a subscriber to “The Great Design.” That is, everything in existence including life was created and designed by God. Science is the process of learning about the non-spiritual aspects of God’s creation. Religion is the study of the moral and spiritual aspects of God’s creation. Both science and religion can be used for bad purposes when misapplied.
  • I am a registered Republican—with the following caveats:
    • I am not opposed to labor unions in all cases. I believe unions and management must work together and have the common goal of making their businesses successful and must be held equally accountable.
    • I am an environmentalist, but not a tree hugger. I believe we must use our natural resources wisely.
    • I am not happy with the tendency for our country to allow large cartels to control our energy, banking and other industries. I strongly believe the Sherman Anti Trust Act must be enforced for the good of business and the American people. Monopolies stunt innovation and real progress.
    • I am dismayed what I see happening in large corporations where executive compensation has taken priority over employees, customers and common stock holders.
    • I do not believe corporations should have the same rights as individuals.
    • Armed with super computers Wall Street and Commodity Exchanges have become dangerous strongholds for the corrupt and greedy. More regulation is needed to prevent situations like the derivative trading that caused our most recent bank failures and economic collapse.
  • I am pro-life. I am not against birth control before conception.
    • I understand having children can be inconvenient, but with the wide spread availability of birth control today there is no excuse for not using it.
    • In cases of rape or incest, I believe the mother should have the choice as to whether to carry a fetus to term.
    • With the exception of saving a mother’s life, no abortion should be allowed past the first trimester.
  • I am against gay marriage, because I believe marriage can only be between one man and one woman.
    • I believe that what consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business.
    • I do not believe homosexuality should have a protected status.
    • A person’s sexual orientation should be a private matter.
    • Public nudity and gay rights parades do more harm than good for gays.
  • I believe in a strong military. I also believe the only reason the world has not experienced a third world war is the United States military presence around the world.
  • I am strongly against illegal immigration, but not against Hispanic people.
    • I am against amnesty and a path to citizenship for those already illegally in our country.
    • I believe employers that knowingly hire illegals should be fined or jailed.
    • Illegals using or attempting to use false identification to obtain employment should be fined and or jailed and then immediately deported.
  • I am for empowerment and not entitlement.
    • I am not against Social Security.
    • I am not against welfare for those truly handicapped and those who are not able to take care of themselves.
  • I am against Obamacare. It was poorly timed and is too expensive.

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  1. I’m looking forward to “following” your posts. A man shall be satisfied with good by the fruit of his mouth: and the recompence of a man’s hands shall be rendered unto him. Porverbs 12:14

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